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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13159

Once again you develop your disingenuousness in new directions and take it to new levels. There are two main anti-Linux patterns that seem to show up on this newsgroup. By far the most common is the idea that Linux is "crapola" (Is DFS still using the "slopware" term? I have him killfiled.), and is not adequate or comparable to closed-source systems like, e.g., Microsoft Windows.

Bailo's post was addressing this sort of troll. All software has strengths and weaknesses, and flaws as well. Pointing out some specific weakness in one application (e.g. OOcalc) while pretending that another (e.g. Excel) is flawless is dishonest, of course, but also worthless.

Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13160
Buy a clue, Ray! LOL!!! People use computers every day and simply do not have the...

*Your* usual pattern is *slightly* more sophisticated. Generally you tacitly concede that Linux is "good enough", but go on to buttert that "good enough" isn't enough without a major marketing effort. Bailo's post wasn't addressing that kind of FUD directly.

Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13161
You don't need "extreme interest" to use and benefit from Linux. What's funny is that this is a reponse to...

It's clear to all but the most partisan that Linux is, indeed, on a good parity with Windows and the commercial Unixes in virtually all areas. Certainly for the broad majority of users Linux and its buttociated applications are more than adequate. And they provide a significant price-performance bonus. Marketing is a lot easier when your

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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13160

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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13158