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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13161

You don't need "extreme interest" to use and benefit from Linux.

What's funny is that this is a reponse to a similarly-contrived test that claimed to show that OO was slower (note: not incapable, just slower) than Excel.

Funny, Firefox was in that position and yet it's been doing quite well. You yourself said that one New York Times ad was useless and yet it's gone from 0% to ~8% in less than two years.

Linux has a tremendous amount of exposure in the business segment, is making plenty of inroads into the desktop, and has many major players backing it. The situation just doesn't seem as dire as you say, Bill.

If you're right, it makes you look pretty silly, wasting your time here...

In exactly two areas - desktop OS and office suites. And they achieved them with legally and ethically questionable tactics. Regardless of that, revenues are flat in those areas and essentially everything else they've ever tried has been a loss. E.g. the Xbox, which has lost billions for Microsoft even as its two main compebreastors have been profitable.

Microsoft puppet says we're not a Microsoft puppet
Vendor group: 'we're not a Microsoft puppet' Simon Taylor Oct 21 2005 .. The head of a new trade buttociation representing European software vendors denied on Thursday that the group is a 'Trojan horse' organisation for...

Let's buttume for the moment that you're right and it's "the same thing" with no improvements or extensions whatsoever. (That's not actually the case, but hey, I'll give it to you for free.)

And let's buttume that this statement, made entirely without any support, is true as well.

Now, this I won't give you for free. Can you support the statement that those who "inhabit COLA" are "characteristic cheapskates"?

UK graphics firm goes Open Source
Daeron Hmm.... It seems this guy hedged his bets with windopes and micoshaft until it turned around and bit his butt off. Now...

Funny, they are widely perceived as forcing upgrades precisely because of the difficulty in upselling:


These are just the first Google hits on "microsoft office forced upgrade". There's about 2 million pages like that.

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There are two ways of constructing a software design. One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies and the other is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. - C.A.R. Hoare

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Microsoft puppet says we're not a Microsoft puppet

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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13160