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First impressions of Knoppix

To start with - wow! What a difference from the distros I looked at before with GNOME. Overall I like KDE better - as my wife said "This is at least as usable as Windows".

With that said, I can see where if I were to use this in a clbutt room I would have to configure it and find ways to lock it down. I buttume that is not too hard. There are so many options it would be overwhelming in a clbutt - or at a students or clients home, for the most part. Seems like KDE wants to be all things to all people. Not sure it does that.

It is, however, very nicely configurable... seems like there are options everywhere. I did not see how to make icons need a double click to activate. Single click is not a weakness - and would likely minimize the unbelievable urge some people seem to have to double click on everything. to find this option.

I do like how the icons magnify in the panel - they do not move around like the ones in the OS X dock. In some ways this is better than OS X.

The OS still starts with text, but at least it is colored text. Still, when my wife saw it booting she commented - without my saying anything - that she hates the look of that and it is a big turn off. Likes seeing progress bars, even if she does not know what they are doing behind the scenes. Maybe Windows does it right here - a progress bar where you can hit escape to see the text.

The busy icon has a little mini icon of whatever is busy hopping. A bit too cute for my tastes, but sure lets you know what is loading or whatever. I think many would like it, and, of course, it is configurable fairly easily.

The control center is well done, though there seem to be multiple things with names that can be confusing: why have a Desktop Setting Wizard *and* a Desktop settings Control Center area... and setting icons to require double click does not seem like it should be with mouse settings.

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The maximize window is not a "real" maximize - it does not really change the mode. You can still move and resize the windows. Different from Windows, something I wish OS X had. I like it. I did somehow manage to get a window moved so the top of the window was off the top of the screen. The fix is the same as it is in Windows; select maximize from the "task bar" panel.

Window shade is on by default and done, to my eyes, right. Very cool.

I the web browser I could not set my home page by dragging the location icon to the home icon. Safari shares this weakness. :(

The text is not as easy to read - at least on the Knoppix LiveCD default settings. Did not play with this much.

Some windows have the maximize icon but are not resizable - others lack the maximize icon. At first I thought it was a clear indication of a window being resizable or not, but now I do not understand the inconsistency. Is there an non-arbitrary reason?

Save dialogs, when they use the KDE ones, are done well, though - like many things in KDE - a bit too busy. And they are not consistent. Too many applications that come with Knoppix do not use the KDE dialogs. A shame. Same can be said of the print dialogs.

Knoppix, like Gnoppix, found my shared printer but I could not get it to print.

I could not see using GNOME in a clbutt unless I absolutely had to. I could see using KDE, though I would have to spend some time customizing it to fit the needs of the clbutt - more that I had to with OS X or even XP. In the end, I am not sure I would end up with a better experience. Still - Linux is *free*... and essentially malware free. Some of the schools I work at where they use Windows I can see suggesting Knoppix... though of course I would need to learn it better if I were to be the one maintaining it (or give them a discount as I learn it).

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Maybe I will play with GNOME on a HD install someday to see if some of the weaknesses I saw can be minimized or eliminated, but it just does not compare to KDE from what little I have seen.

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