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FrankenTROLL fuds the disabled 13403

Vanderbilt server hacked for second time
Daeron Shame that Vanderbilt University had their *server* hacked. I always thought that Solaris was more secure than that. Netblock Owner IP address OS Web Server...


On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:24:34 -0500,

Sorry Erik, that doesn't answer the question.

The question was..

"Does msOffice pbutt any such criteria. If so can you produce the citation please."

Do you have an answer for that question.

really? how many braille readers have *you* used with Ms-Windows. Bet I've used more with Linux...

That stuff (screen readers, etc) is handled by the desktop-os in Linux, not the app. It's a far better system than building something into a specific app. See Gnopernicus, GOK and other projects.

nice, general claim with no relevence to the actual discussion. Or are you going to claim that MS-office is *guaranteed* to be usable by all people, with any and all disabilities?

Didn't think so. Yet another Erik "the strawman" bit of fud...

and doesn't point out where MS-Office provides the qualifying features for that section.

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Vanderbilt server hacked for second time

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FrankenTROLL fuds the disabled 13402