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GPL tested in Court 5094

on May 17 2006 6:48 pm Erik the semantic arsehole

This is clbuttic fuddie at work, mixing abuse into the response. I have seperated the abuse out and will address it seperately below.

"GPL tested in Court" Doug

"This did not test the GPL at all .." Fuddie

"If it wasn't about the GPL them tell us what the case was really about." Doug

"I didn't say it wasn't about the GPL. I said this wasn't a TEST of the GPL." Erik

Fuddie, we are not in court. Pretending to misunderstand the meaning of words isn't being clever at all.

"Or just to amuse us some more describe a real test of the GPL." Doug

"An example: If I claim that I have been damaged because you are an butthole," Erik

GPL tested in Court 5095
I've actually discussed the GPL with an intellectual property attorney, and his opinion was very enlightening. He read it as a very routine license...

Fuddie, calling me an arse hole isn't a real example of a TEST of the GPL. Concomitant to that if I tried to prove you weren't an butthole and failed would that mean that your lack of butthole.edness hadn't really been tested.

Plese feel free to exploit the use of the words 'calling' 'real' and 'prove' to pretend misunderstanding of what I said above. That failing to prove you are the biggest arsehole on Unenet doesn't mean that you are not in fact the biggest arsehole on Usenet.

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GPL tested in Court 5095

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