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Gates says he's still 'driven

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Elizabot v2.0.2 wrote on Tue, 01 Nov 2005 03:59:41 -0700


Why that particular date? The only thing Google coughs up that's even remotely relevant appearing is that on 1999-12-03 in Eliotte Harold suggests Microsoft is selling Visual J++ to Rational Software. still exists and is dated 1999-12-02. Hard for Bill to be both dead and selling one of his then-premier tools to a buyer, methinks...though around Halloween, things do get a little strange:

(One feels sorry for all involved.)

The actual rest appears to be a parody of John Kennedy; there's an entry disputing the lone gunman theory, for example:

and there's a mention of the "Garcetti Report". (Don't ask me. I might have been a toddler when LHO did in JFK. I barely remember the moon landing.)

A bit o' poking around yielded

which among other things mentions a "campus swing" on 2005-10-12 through 14, which would appear slightly inconsistent with a memorial service in 1999. Of course, this is from Microsoft which means it could be Carefully Crafted and Crinkly Crap(tm), but one could presumably cross-check on the university calendars or something if need be.

Linux is an OS, not an application suite
billwg Yes, and no. To begin with, let's look at the modern definition of an operating system. The kernel - this is the "True" Linux...

There is also the Microsoft-Palm-Verizon alliance of 2005-09-26; presumably this could be cross-checked as well.

My brain hurts.

ObHeh: Heh. There's somebody out there with a strange sense of humor. But then, we probably knew that already...

-- It's still legal to go .sigless.

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Linux is an OS, not an application suite

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