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Hilarious: No XP networking "Try reinstalling XP" 13198

Op Sat, 05 Nov 2005 17:40:28 +0000, schreef winnotlin:

So far, I've seen this with three XP installs (two of which I personally performed) for which no pbuttword was ever set that I know of - simply because XP never asked for any pbuttword to be set during install. Yet the install CD's recovery mode asked for a pbuttword, which (of course) we couldn't provide. And yes, of course, when a pbuttword *was* set, the recovery mode should ask for it.

Hilarious: No XP networking "Try reinstalling XP" 13199
Richard Rasker Sure, there are always work-arounds, you can work overtime, bring in a personal computer you've...

There is a theoretical possibility that after the install, the users had set pbuttwords themselves, and subsequently forgot about it, but they all vehemently denied doing so. Also, these people were typical computer nitwits in that they have been setting and using the same one or two pbuttwords for everything for years, and neither of those pbuttwords worked. And when asked to look for it, it took them several minutes to even locate the utility for setting pbuttwords in XP.

So you may be right, but I'm pretty certain that no pbuttwords were deliberately set. Or perhaps there's malware out there that causes this behaviour? Two of the three machines were b0rk3d beyond booting because of malware issues. Perhaps I'll take the trouble to do an XP test install on a spare machine, just to see how this works (or not). But if anyone else (with a working XP install) would care to try to get into the recovery mode without previously set pbuttwords, that'd be even better, as I'm not really looking forward to getting hands-on with XP ever again ...

Richard Rasker

Hilarious: No XP networking "Try reinstalling XP" 13201
Op Thu, 03 Nov 2005 05:37:59 -0700, schreef High Plains Thumper: snip Yup, and I offered to install the latest Mandriva, within 45 minutes...

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Hilarious: No XP networking "Try reinstalling XP" 13199

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