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I'm settling on ubuntu 13188

Not trying to bash (I use Ubuntu on my dual-boot desktop), just questioning--for others.

Sort of irrelivent. See the x86 vs amd64 argument.

Quite a few distros can--including Gentoo and SuSE.

See above.

That's certainly true.

I can't think of a graphical installer that doesn't have a text-based frontend as well.

Luck of the draw really.

Most distros offer the option of GRUB or LILO.

Most distros offer the option of GNOME, KDE, or Console (Custom).

There's also an OpenSuSE release on one disk.

Any particular reason? I agree, rpm sucks without a good automatic package Debt Management frontend, but so does dpkg without the same.

If Windoze is so great
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Tattoo Vampire wrote on Mon, 24 Oct 2005 11:49:49 -0400 Windows is crap, but, like crap, it has spawned an entire subindustry...

The same is true for RPM-based distros with some sort of advanced package manager (SuSE, Mandriva, etc).

There are other distros with more comprehensive repos (Fedora comes to mind), though most are certainly adequate.

Again, not particularly uncommon.

Luck of the draw.

I guess this is something, but seems pretty minor.

I'm settling on ubuntu 13189
I would have chosen Debian proper (recently moved from Sarge to Etch), since it has been around for practically forever. And has no business...

You can lock packages and install specific versions with every advanced package manager I can think of.

This is a big advantage, but there are also advantages to a trickle-down release 'cycle'. This is better for servers and workstations, but trickle-down is usually better for home desktops and dev boxes.

That's not really a good metric to use to gauge popularity.

I'm settling on ubuntu 13190
Valid and important point if you want to persuade someone to migrate to Linux. Also, this gives insight into hardware detection and compatibility. Very much so, I agree. Also...

Their busuiness model seems flawed, somehow. Where's the income?

VmWare Runtime Free Implications Machine: #1, Drive #1 NOTE: I ONLY post through Giganews
On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 06:35:39 +0000, a broadcast message from the Mark Kent console, was as follows: I bought debian 3.0r3, a while back. Someone wanted a...

Did you compare it with anything but the major RPM-based distros?

Slower than Gentoo (or any of the source-based distros), and the package Debt Management sucks.

This is true.

You can solve this easily. Put the official sources in your source list, and reduce the priority of the optical media.

And yes, there are some odd OpenSuSE install disks, including a DVD IIRC.

It's pretty easy to move Sarge to Etch or Sid. All you have to do is change 'stable' to 'testing' or 'unstable' in sources.list. Despite the names, testing and unstable are usually quite acceptable for home desktop use.

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I'm settling on ubuntu 13189

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I'm settling on ubuntu