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I'm settling on ubuntu 13190

Valid and important point if you want to persuade someone to migrate to Linux. Also, this gives insight into hardware detection and compatibility.

Very much so, I agree. Also a rather autonomous installation, I might add, which makes the user less likely to take the wrong path.


The screen resolution is often an issue and many other users fail to attain maximal resolution without changing xorg.conf.

I can't say that I agree, but KDE can be installed very easily. I am told it becomes a little less stable though.

I would rather have the 5 CD's equivalent, which saves installation time.

If Windoze is so great
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Tattoo Vampire wrote on Mon, 24 Oct 2005 11:49:49 -0400 Windows is crap, but, like crap, it has spawned an entire subindustry -- in this case, including such...

Synaptic has always worked flawlessly and flagged dependencies correctly. I am very satisfied with it.

They ought to change that brownish default theme in my humble opinion. It is a matter of taste nonetheless.

So far, so good.

VmWare Runtime Free Implications
snips On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 01:30:13 -0400, DFS No, actually, it's generally because you're being asked to do something *wrong*. For example, creating a flash-based website instead of HTML, and thus being forced...

Seems pretty fast to me, but I can't base that on proper benchmarks.

I agree with all that you say, but I still consider Ubuntu to be a distribution which is most suitable to beginners or those who are after a quick and independent installation (e.g. terminals, Web servers...).

For anything else, I can't cope without SuSE or other comprehensive distributions. In fact, there is a trade-off:

-Ubuntu is quick to install and a pain to upgrade and extend. Fetching gcc, xmms and other packages seems like an utterly unnecessary step.

-SuSE might be complex, but once installed, all that you need is already there.


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If Windoze is so great

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I'm settling on ubuntu 13189