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I must apologize

I just came to the realization that my perception of Windows is a little skewed due to the fact that the greatest majority of wincomps that I see on a daily basis are already pretty much fubar by the time I see them.

I use Linux personally and professionally on a daily basis, and it just works. Sure, I have issues with it on occasion, but the majority of the times it remains trouble free for myself, my family, my customers and my shop.

It occurred to me that if I were only subjected to hosed Linux systems then I might have a totally different perspective about it, especially if I didn't use it on a regular basis.

It's kind of how like many cops see everyone as a potential criminal because all they deal with is criminals most of the times so they have a skewed perception of society.

So, I apologize. To be fair, I realize I am biased against anything commercial (especially M$), and I have stated this on numerous occasions. These biases are based on what I see and experience regularly, so they are not totally without merit, though they may not be wholely warranted all of the time.

I must apologize... 10082
DR-DOS was a very popular and superior alternative to MS-DOS. Vobis installed it on all their machines until Gates paid them a...

For the record, I will say that I realize that commercial platforms and applications can be very beneficial and provide needed and desired functions and services to various individuals and groups. There are very few of these that could not be viably replaced with OSS solutions in my experience, but that's not really relevant. Persons must use what they are most comfortable with and what provides them with the best overall solutions for their needs and wants.

My pseudo-militant stance is more from the blatant lack of presentations of choice and alternatives in the markeplace. When a good product is not even being given the opportunity to compete on fair and even grounds, and attempted to be smothered by any means just so rich people can get richer really gets me heated.

My position is this - if your product is really that good, commercial or otherwise, then fight fair. Let the other products and alternatives play and compete on even ground and then see who is the best choice for each based on their merits alone and not who has the bigger marketing budget.

I must apologize... 10079
I work with the stuff, in its native environment, every day. It's C-R-A-P on its good days. Period. I don't subscribe to the...

I know this is totally unrealistic in today's market. This is how these things play out, but it still doesn't buttuage my anger over the injustice of it all.

So there it is. I hope this may help some persons in this group understand where I am coming from.

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I must apologize... 10079

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