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If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2683

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I'll bite, these are the reasons I like linux.

Fix all the security bugs, so Windows dosen't have a NEED for anti-virus software because there is nothing going on that can let viruses take so much control of the system.

Use some real (I mean "real", according to the rest of the tech community) standards instead of thier 'if MS made it it must be a standard' standards. Adopt standard LDAP, iCal, CSS, ODF, etc.

If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2685
On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 17:27:01 -0600, Erik Funkenbusch Hover the cursor over the icons and it will tell you...

Loose all this lock-in-DRM crap where you try to foist your customers to be dependednt on you, MS is number one, and they can stay number one without having to trick thier customers into becoming dependent on them, just by making good stuff. If you want to use DRM, more power to you, but don't lock it into Windows, you might get more adoption of it (I generally don't like DRM, and I avoid ANY Windows-MacOS lock-in DRM).

Stop catering to the RIAA and MPAA and others, MS is screwing themselves over by letting others control critical decisions on how they code thier OS (or not), a good example is anti-virus comanies collaboration with Sony on thier recent CD debackle as an example. There is more then one way to protect a CD and it does not have to be done at the OS level, let RIAA and MPAA use thier resources and money to do it themseleves and leave your geeks to actually innovate on stuff that matters.

Maybe trim their excessive profit margin a bit, especailly for stuff you have not really improved in years, $500 office suite, hah! Also recognise there is real compebreastion and compete, instead of crush, one main reason there is compebreastion is there probably is a better way to do something, and you aren't doing it.

Force the hardware and software vendors to adhere to specs, don't let them get away with kluding thier products for short-term benefits and you having to adapt to them till the end of time (part of the problem with MS is trying to get everything they make work with everything else, and everything else dosen't always work to the specs).

Hows that.

If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2684
This is a red herring. There are plenty of security flaws found all the time in Linux. Just like with Mac...

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If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2684

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If you were in charge of the next MS OS... 2682