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Linux, Windows, Mac

Here's the difference between the three:

Why do people switch to Linux 13474
I switched out of frustration with Winders. I learned to dislike and loathe the people who produce the crap over time thereafter. I started up a small business at one point. My idea was...
Why do people switch to Linux 13475
On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 00:22:04 +0000, AZ Nomad Oh please, NTFS is a *much* better file...

Macintosh: It is pretty, comes with a lot of software installed, you are limited by vendor support, but typically a supported device or program is installed easily and just works ll the time.

Linux: It can be pretty, but like a fixer-upper, it takes work, more often than not, we get halfway done and have to go back to work. It comes with more software than you'll ever need, but somehow, there always seems to be a program or two that you need but is unavailable. Most things are supported, if you look hard enough, installation can be a bit tricky, but once done you'll quickly forget that you ever had a problem.

Pain in the butt
tab The problem with Windows, is that there are so many PAINS IN THE BUTT. Reinstall Linux: needless, but just...

Windows: It is sort of pretty. I once heard it said that "the Macintosh looks like it was drawn with pen and ink while Windows looks like it was drawn with a crayon." It works most of the time, when it doesn't you just reboot it and hope the problem goes away for a while. Almost everything is supported in Windows, just not well. Things will almost always work for the first time after the installation reboot, but every now and then things just stop working and require removal-reinstall. Every now and then you have to stop your anti-virus software because it keeps our backup software from running. Every now and then, you need to reboot just because you can't print anymore. Every now and then, web sites stop working for a while because the real-world DNS entry has changed and Windows DNS caching doesn't use DNS TTL.

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Pain in the butt

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