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Linux What's that My own survey. 3112

Yes, you've demonstrated this particular bit of politicizing over and over. The question remains: Why are you so focused on Bush? What about laws others in the gov't. are breaking?

No, he's exercising common sense. You've lied here SO often there is really no reason to believe anything you have to say. It's YOUR fault you are not believed, not his. This type of thinking is commonly found in people like yourself... that are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

Linux What's that My own survey
I am no more in favor of those - as you and I have discussed but you seem unable to...

Ah word literalism by the guy who claims to abhor it. Go to certain places in the ME and cheat on your husband, you'll be stoned to rest if the act is discovered. His point was obvious... we have more freedom here than most other places on the planet, it we don't undertake measures to protect that freedom, we lose it. It's obvious that certain freedoms will be temporarily suspended at times... as they have throughout history.

Why do you need him to admit what is obvious? Does this go back to your mother and your pressing need to hold people accountable for the things you never could hold her accountable for? The things she did that you believe screwed up your health, happiness etc.? I think you are still projecting here... dragging your problems with your mother into usenet (as I've shown you have in the past in your panic newsgroup).

Regarding the quotes, I asked you to prove I did it "dishonestly"... to prove that it was a "lie" on my part. You have yet to show it was. You started off by saying I 'altered' quotes. That was a lie on your part. Now you're saying I borrowed them. Where is your proof that I *knowingly* did this?

Because he sees you running away from reality. What? Did you think others don't notice? Get real.

Linux What's that My own survey
Here are the details: Steve has disagreed for years, but the best he can do is play semantic games with the words "guilty", "legal...

You're delusional. Most people doubt what you say. Realistically, what reason is there to believe you are the 'hard working teacher' you claim to be when, for the last two years or so, you've posted here virtually 24-7 ?

It's not the first time he's said stuff like this.

There you go again... asking for admissions. In the admission dept. YOU owe a LOT of admissions before expecting any from others.

-- "Heck, OS X is not even partially based on FreeBSD" - Snit "Sandman and Carroll are running around trying to crucify trolls like myself" - Snit

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Linux What's that My own survey

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Linux What's that My own survey