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In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Lobo wrote on Tue, 07 Mar 2006 23:27:54 GMT

Actually, we have two. (Three if one counts Harriet Miers.) Admittedly, Condie gets most of the press; Laura might have an occasional tea party or something but she's been a very quiet first lady.

(Perhaps she bakes lots of cookies. I don't know. Considering she's a librarian who married President George W. "I'm smarter than you but it's a secret" Bush, one has to wonder.)

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Note: No comment by Snit Note: No comment by Snit... who, if he "had a reasoned argument he would be shoving it in...

The odd thing is that Condoleeza just released something or other mentioning that she likes to work out -- in other words, she actually mentions her figure. (It's a nice figure, admittedly, but most Secs of State don't mention that sort of thing. Of course, she has compebreastion; the Queen of Jordan looks rather nice, too. :-) And Princess Di was quite the looker before she met an untimely end in that Paris tunnel. Dunno whatever happened to Fergie.)

Hmm...I'm not familiar with N*** G******. Is it anything like Oceania? Are we at war with it this week? :-)

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That is not correct. One can clearly be guilty of crime yet never tried nor convicted. Here is a link that explains it rather well: many non-lawyers (and...

Admittedly, one of the few things I've *not* heard in the US is the notion that everyone should carry a national ID card. (UK, yes, and they're not all that happy about the program they have. But not here. Of course the SS card makes for an adequate if slightly buggy subsbreastute, especially when the SSA declares that one's dead before one has stopped breathing, then refuses to admit its mistake.)

See also: Logan's Run. (I could make a parody: Login's Run. It would be about this computer programmer, see...)

The Donkeys are the ones with the blue spots on their rears; the Elephants have little red dots. :-)

Admittedly, I'm not sure either one would know true ursine socialism if it bit them in the behind. I've never heard a call for us to nationalize our farming industry, for example. (If anything, we're going in the other direction.)

Personally, I'd prefer "Remove our boys and let *them* sort it out", though the Iranian nuclear program is a bit of a wild card. But you might also have noticed that N. Korea doesn't exactly get a whole lot of attention. (Maybe we don't want to encourage Kim Jong "I want RESPECT, dammit!" Il.)

Hmm...strange politics this Administration has.

Boggles my mind too. At this point, I think it's because a lot of us over here have lost our minds, and the resulting gray squidgy things have migrated over to New Orleans.

Or something.

It worked for us, very long ago -- but the difference was *we* were holding the bayonet (or the 18th-century equivalent). In short, fighting for our own independence. Now, we're just nation-building.

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Again: I've never argued otherwise... in fact, I never saw anyone that argued otherwise despite...

(Admittedly, we did have some help from the French. But *they* helped *us*; they didn't occupy the British colonies and force out the British colonial administrator, whoever he was, replacing him with a local guy.)

But for all the others. (ObBlecch: Blecch.)

himself to get into serious politicking yet. Here, put on this tinfoil helmet and then imagine what life could be like with Bill Gates dictating that *everyone* Shall Use Windows, with something along the lines of Palladium and-or the Trusted Computing Initiative.

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On Wed, 08 Mar 2006 02:00:12 +0000, The Ghost In The Machine Actually, I was...

(Don't leave it on too long. Paranoia's bad for the brain... :-) )

-- It's still legal to go .sigless.

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