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On Wed, 08 Mar 2006 02:00:12 +0000, The Ghost In The Machine

Actually, I was alluding to a magician using pretty women to distract when using slight of hand. As far as Condi goes, I can remember a political lampoon from several years ago that made her look like a vulture. I fit rather well, unfortunately.

I can't say the word... it's a thread stopper. ;-)

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Note: No comment by Snit Note: No comment by Snit... who, if he "had a reasoned argument he would be shoving it in my face...

As I understand it, your admin says it won't be a 'National Idenbreasty Card'. I will only be a 'national idenbreasty card'. You will be able to get on a plane without a body cavity search. And it will only track you to make sure you are going where you said you were going. Just something to make life easier for the honest ones. ;-)

Nationalize your farming INDUSTRY? Never. They get too many subsidies for that ever to happen.

Yep. Good thing we North Americans got China as a buffer against that wild card.

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He's not arguing against it... he's making an point based on YOUR implication. Yes, it explains the blatantly obvious well enough for those that might need it, though, anyone that can read and comprehend it...

Dam! I look at CNN showing pictures of the area 6 months later. You'd think you were in some poor 3rd world country. It's wonder you guys haven't tarred and feathered and run Bush out of town by now. Where the hell is that American spirit we've come to know and love?

I suppose if Bush had been around in 1818 he would have declared "Mission Accomplished" also. (snide reference to 1812 war when you guys tried to invade Canada) hehehe

Gates already owns my first born. But I'm getting a little uppity now that he's after the second.

Not to worry. I've already installed MindGuard on my Kubuntu box:

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That is not correct. One can clearly be guilty of crime yet never tried nor...

"Many popular operating system platforms -- most notably Windows and Macintosh -- are in fact created by agents of mind control. As such, these platforms tend to include subsystems that not only produce mind control, but also defeat anti-psychotronic software such as MindGuard."

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