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Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3368

Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3370
Ryan Case I've always handled our family finances and she does the laundry. More than a fair trade IMO. I have this running. Most Linux apps won't recognize something like "smb:--servername-share...

Larry Qualig

We just pay the $5 a month or whatever it is to have Quicken and our bank do the online payment thing. We enter a online payment in Quicken and send it. The bank prints a check and mails it to the payee. The only thing we hand write checks for are box stores we are in, although checkcard is more often the case, and the mortgage payment.

Well, my wife is actually the one who does the everyday use of Quicken. I set up the budget with her and we decide on what is what in our financial lives and then she implements it and does the process.

If it was just me, I would go open a new checking account at the same bank and start fresh with Moneydance. But she is not nearly as adventurous as me when it comes to these things and has no desire to fix what isn't broken, so I just leave her alone with it.

One other thing I haven't tackled yet with Linux is backing up movies when I buy them. We don't use our original cds or dvds. We always make an archive copy and use it, putting the original away to protect from harm. The only dvd burner that I own is in the xp box. It has been there since before I put a Ubuntu box on the kvm. But, once again, my wife does the dvd backups. I just made a simple web page for her with screen shots and instructions and she was off. So it really isn't a problem for me right now.

Can you tell my wife is home more then me?

Ryan (2 hours southeast of Redmond Washington)

Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3368 plus 1
Larry Qualig Understandable. I just haven't reached a point where writing those kinds of things by hand is a problem for me, especially since my wife usually does it. Yeah, She uses...

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Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3368 plus 1

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