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Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13383

That is what is known as "opinion", Ray! LOL!!!

To be fair I often provide an argument as well. You only seem to want some third party's acknowledgement.

Where do you get your info on Firefox?

I think that is proof of my concept more than yours, Ray. I said that you had to program for Windows to reach the people and you were on about how it is easier in linux. Now you say that, since these apps are available for Windows and may be doing well, although I'm not ready to concede that, you are vindicated, but the only reason that they are popular is because they are available for Windows as well. You are still stuck in the chute as far as getting someone to convert to linux. Going through the conversion process so that they can do the same thing with the same apps is not going to be a motivation.

Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13384
See the story elsewhere! LOL! (I've posted a link, go actually read it.) Um, no. I...

No, this very day. See

They say 94.4 vs 1.4. Who knows for exactly sure? Do you think that a company that has 70 times as much business as their compebreastor is going to treat the market any differently if they have 99 times as much business? Harvard wouldn't think so.

How much would you pay for an IDC study, Ray? They seem to be all over the lot.

I just did that and I got exactly one hit, Ray, from

... 98. Completely Free Software They remind you that you might need to download VBRun files to run some of the programmer's software. ... - 7k - Supplemental Result -

Did you forget to use the quote marks?

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Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13384

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