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LinuxOSS organizations will never be able to do this 13444

Debating The Linux Cultist Fanatic.****** A Short HowTo
OK - I was going to let this slide as 'just another silly MS troll', but I can't, in good conscience do that. On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:49:28 -0800, linuxrealityteam This is...

The racist, liar and software thief Wbutter (flatfish) nymshifted:

You lately posted as

Debating The Linux Cultist Fanatic.****** A Short HowTo
It seems that Linux fanatics are invading the internet prostletizing their new found religion. If you follow these debates you will easily see that they all...

Aftab Singh, allisonhunt1968 plus 1, Anna Banger, anonymous, Archie Watermann, Baba Booey, Babu Singh,, bison, Bjarne Jensen, BklynBoy, bonobo magilla, Boyce Mabri, Buster, Charles LeGrand, Charlie, Choppers McGee, Christine Abernathy, Claire Lynn, Clippy, Collie Entragion, Connie Hines, Corrie, Corrie breastlaand, dbxboy, Deadpenguin, dismoqualifetch, Elliot Zimmermann, Emmanuel Arias, Fawn Lebowitz, flatfish+++, foamy, Fred Simmons, gabriele howorth, Gary Stewart, George Littlefield, Gilbert Hochaim, gilligan, Greg Finnigan, Greg Laplante, Hans Kimm, Harry Hilton, Heather, Heather68 plus 1, Heddy Seafield, hepcat, Hugh Himless, Ishmeal Hafizi, itchy balls, Ivan Mctavish, IvanaB, Jeff Szarka, John Shelton, Jorge Jorgensen, Jose Lopez, jukejoint, kaptain kaput, Karel Olish, Karla Snodgress, kathykrantz, Kendra, Kent Dorfman, Laura Shillingford, Le Farter, Les Turner, Lilly, Lindy, Lisa Shavas, Lisa Cottmann, Long, longtongling, Lukumi Babalu Aye, Luna Lane, Major Mynor, oktocat, Paddy McCrockett, Patricia, Peter Gluckman, Phillip Cornwall, phoung, phoung quoak, picklepete, Poopy Pants McGee, Quimby, Quizno Backer, Rich, Richard P. Johnson, Richie O'Toole, Robert Strunk, rothsteinivan, Sally Vadi, Sammy, Sammy Whalen, Saul Goldblatt, Schlomo Smykowski, Sharon Cackle, Sharon Hubbasland, Sean, Sean Fitzhenry, Sean Macpherson, Sewer Rat, sewerclown, Simon, slacker.mcspritze, SpammyDavis, spannydavis, Stephan Simonsen, Stephanie Mannerz, Stephen, Stephen Olsen, Stephen Townshend, SuckyB, SunnyB, Susan Lapinski, Susan Wong, Suzie Wong, Swampee, The Beaver, Thorsten, Toby Rastus Roosovelt III, Tomas Bicsak, Tori, Tori Wbuttermann, Tracee, Traci, trailerpark, Trina Swallows, Vince Fontain, Vladimir Yepifano, Walter Bubniak, Wang Mychicken, Wbutter, Whizzer, Wilbur J, Willy Wong, Winnie Septos, Wobbles and zyklonC. Plus many, many, many more. -- You're not my type. For that matter, you're not even my species

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Debating The Linux Cultist Fanatic.****** A Short HowTo

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LinuxOSS organizations will never be able to do this 13443