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Looking to purchase laptop

I think I will get a better deal on a computer w-o MS in the very near future.

That's my main point. MS is a monopoly and they use our schools to further their corporate agenda.

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In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Sandman wrote on Sat, 25 Mar 2006 08:13:29 +0100 At some point, one should be able to configure pam to not only readetc-pbuttwd, but also read from other sources. (I'd...

For example, when an average person buys a new computer, they get WinXP Home plus Works. They take it home and give it to their kids. Everything is great.

Then the kid goes to school, and, using the school's computers in clbutt, learns how to make a nicely formatted resume using Word. They also learn how to use Power Point. They take this stuff home, put it on their computers - won't work. They can read it (with free reader downloaded from MS) but they can't change it.

basic unix knowledge
In another Linux group, a newbie asked if it was possible to make it so that users could not see the home directories of other users. E.g., if you have users "foo", "bar", and...

The school says they *have* to buy MS software if they want to take certain courses and gives them a letter so they can buy it cheaper. It still comes in at $CAN230.00.

BTW, there are dozens of cracked Office2003Pro CD's being copied and pbutted around here to bypbutt this. (I'm making CD's of OpenOffice to hand around.)

I think I will get a better deal w-o MS and am willing to wait.

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basic unix knowledge

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