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MS Office on Linux 14776

MS Office on Linux 14777
Ray Ingles Never nicked a byte, Ray. Purely an intellectual exercise. As to why no one behaves differently, read the transcripts of the DOJ-states vs...

Well, no frickin' duh. The *point* was that they had to rewrite the code from scratch. Altai tried to do exactly what you were saying, take code from one project and use it in another, similar project. They got slammed for it and had to do a clean-room rewrite. The clean-room rewrite pbutted muster.

How can you miss the point so completely?

Here is what you said:

"If I take the source and change the appearance by renaming variables and rearranging the order of things and even adding or removing portions to suit a different purpose, I have met the tests for copyright avoidance."

Only about 30% of Altai's code came from Computer buttociate's program, but that was more than enough. You are just wrong.

(BTW, if code is entirely dictated by function, as you buttert, then you *can't* take code written for one purpose and use it for another purpose. If you were right, you'd have to entirely rewrite it.)

-- Sincerely,

Ray Ingles (313) 227-2317

"I'd rather walk my grandmother through a NetBSD install on an SGI Crimson via postcard than code with segmentation in mind again." - hxnwix

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MS Office on Linux 14777

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