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MS Office on Linux 14808

Ray Ingles I am saying that for something like linux, where there are some 1 (.5%)to 6 (3%) million users, the mainstream user cannot debug anything in the linux code. A user who is otherwise a developer would have a hard time finding a bug in areas of the code that he didn't write. You can hypothesize all you want about M's and N's and how many of each there are, but the facts remain. If you need to have something fixed, the best person is the one who wrote it. The next best person has to climb at least a minimal learning curve to be able to fix it.

MS Office on Linux 14809
Ray Ingles Pick your own range, then, Ray. The .5% to 3% are the various guesses...

I tried it in OE and Outlook 2003 with WinXP SP2 and it works in both. In OE, the button says "Attach" and takes you to a subdirectory if you have selected a directory, otherwise it attaches the file you selected, even if it is the first file in the list. In Outlook 2K3 the button is marked "Insert" and you move into the subdirectory with a double click and the button is grayed out. But it still selects and enables on the first filename in the list. What version of Windows and Outlook are you using?

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MS Office on Linux 14809

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