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MS Office on Linux 14818

billwg poked his little head through the XP firewall and said:

Yes, you will. Why? Because people are out there *using* your software, subjecting it to permutations of usage that even the best automated testing can miss.

And, the people using the software are highly motivated to report problems, because they know there is a good chance they will get feedback and a fix rather quickly.

This is true, but only for a certain kind of customer relationship. That is, a close one.

Quite often, the only way to insure a close company-customer relationship is to wave a lot of money in the company's face.

Sure it does. You know why it exists, bill? Because the internet allows the harnessing of large numbers of people, so that even little-used projects may yet have a number of dedicated users-testers.

Still, bill, the user can be a wonderful source of what we call "fat fingering", where the user's clumsy fingers create situations that ferret out bugs that are difficult to anticipate.

MS Office on Linux 14820
billwg poked his little head through the XP firewall and said: Okay. The time loss is minimal, believe me. Even a complex upgrade such as upgrading the GNU...

The "larger defect list" is a wonderful hallmark of OSS development, and of UNIX development.

The first time I saw a UNIX man page and a section called "BUGS", it impressed me deeply. I, personally, found it an idea to emulate.

MS Office on Linux 14819
Lin┐nut No you won't. Why? Consider that someone will be using the software for so many hours a day. That will be the use regardless of whether it is a stable release or a fresh...

You really must cruise around the net for some bugzilla projects and bug wikis, bill. It will open your eyes.

Such places are nice when you find them, and you hope they last. It is easy to lose sight of the goal, which is to produce good software and respond quickly and diligently to your users.

-- When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When all you have is Microsoft software, everything looks like Windows.

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MS Office on Linux 14819

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