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Mac Mini vs PC A Comparison 777

and barge operator, chimed in:

EU software patent law faces axe 780
At the worst, you should simply write them off as non-cooperative, Rick! Do you expect everyone to hop on board the linux bandwagon? You can't...

Start psychological profiling

Statistics: =========== Approximate word count: 21 Punctuation: 0 full stop(s) Punctuation: 14 comma(s) Punctuation: 0 exclamation mark(s) multiples not counted Punctuation: 1 question mark(s) multiples not counted Primary keywords: 5 Secondary keywords: 3

*** HEAD IN GROIN ALERT *** =========================== Detected one or more fecal, bowel, anus, privates, privates, testicle references. Found: poo-slurping. deviance has a sick, deeply depraved mind. Analysing message for propensity to hypocritically do the opposite of what he preaches. Also analysing for disposition to believe that his children are the smartest, best-behaved children that he knows of.

*** MANIA ALERT *** =================== deviance used only basic punctuation (., ?, !) a total of 1 times in 21 words. This person is grossly illiterate, has a totally disorganised mind and is probably prone to idealise others and 'go along' with their wishes, saying 'yes' to things he does not really want to do, as well as being likely to excuse, justify and rationalise what he does because he feels abused and victimised by others.

Performing analysis on keywords: Primary Keyword: "jam-sucking" Primary Keyword: "pimple-nibbling" Primary Keyword: "chicken-faced" Primary Keyword: "fudge-packing" Primary Keyword: "gibbon-raping" Secondary Keyword: "sausage" Secondary Keyword: "really" Secondary Keyword: "matter"

Anticipate deviance to become obsessive about imperfection and the imagined wrong-doing of others.

Expect deviance to use threats and reprisals to get obedience from others.

EU software patent law faces axe 781
billwg HAHAH! Face it f***wit, therehavebeen tests of the GPL, and the reason it...

Expect deviance to become engrossed in whatever catches their attention from one moment to the next.

deviance is prone to be highly critical of others whilst ignoring his own faults.

Mac Mini vs PC A Comparison 778
operator, alleged: The Discourse Of Meaninglessness : The Postcapitalist Paradigm Of Expression In The Works Of Rushdie R. Rudolf...

Expect deviance to be inclined to have a personality disorder that appeared in late childhood or adolescence.

deviance conforms to Paranoid personality disorder.

deviance is likely to be employed as a travelling repairman, or as a flax dresser.

Phrases to describe deviance: Pirouetting, slipshod, deviant genetic disorder; quibbling, idiosyncratic, disposable scantling; shriveling, anarchic, bemused horn-beast.

Recommended accusations: Inattentive to reality; deceitful; internally confused.

Motivations: To test the atbreastudes of others toward himself. To have the whole world consistent with his ideals. To feel secure.

Questions and expected responses for deviance: Question 1: Do you accomplish your New Year's Resolutions? Expected Response: Evidence of propensity to refuse permission to his sixteen-year-old daughter to use birth control.

Question 2: Does your grandmother still regularly use privatesl douches? Expected Response: Signs of tendency to be claustrophobic and panic-stricken.

Question 3: Have you stopped displaying widespread occurrences of denial yet? Expected Response: Highly likely to be codependent, and excessively self-sacrificial to the point of wearing himself out to please everyone.

End psychological profiling for deviance

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Mac Mini vs PC A Comparison 778

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