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Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing 2654

Op Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:10:20 +0000, schreef B Gruff:

Poor fatboy Culley
What has M$ gotten right? I see they've tricked a lot of people into parting with their cash. I see they've lied and...

Same here - but even worse. Some years ago, my stepdaughter (who was in primary school then) brought home a flyer, with some burbling along the lines of "Computer clbuttes are essential for your child's future!", and "Don't deny your child the chance to a better life!", etcetera. This crap was handed out by a private training insbreastute, but with the school's approval.

Not a Word (pun intended) about what exactly these "computer clbuttes" entailed; of course, I knew what to expect, but checked it out anyway. And yes, the M$ logo was prominently situated at the top of this company's list of partners. And yes, when I called them, I learned that the course included the latest M$ Office version (2003), and that these "clbuttes" taught children to use most of the applications listed above - but without the "difficult" (read: actually important and useful) bits, such as setting up an e-mail account or mail filters. And, of course, just $500 for all this was a true bargain ... especially because this included a $25(!) discount on the latest M$ Office suite, compared to retail pricing. Yup, just $500 would take care of all your ten-year-old-child's brainwashing needs.

Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing 2655
I've posted this before, but I think it deserves more attention: ... When schools select commercial software packages, the students are not only exposed to the logos and products...

To cut a long story short, I kept them busy for almost an hour at their toll-free (for me, not for them :-) information number, and just when they thought they'd finally reeled me in, I innocently asked whther they could supply Linux versions of the software required ... "Oh, you can't? Well, that's too bad ... we don't use Windows. Bye bye!"

Richard Rasker

-- Linetec Translation and Technology Services

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Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing 2655

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