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Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing 2655

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I've posted this before, but I think it deserves more attention:

Poor fatboy Culley
What has M$ gotten right? I see they've tricked a lot of people into parting with their cash. I see they've lied and cheated and stolen and threatened their way into...

... When schools select commercial software packages, the students are not only exposed to the logos and products of a company, but they are also trained in how to use the software. In this sense, schools are a highly efficient marketing opportunity for software companies as they train the future users of the product while paying the company for the right to do so. Ideally, the focus when teaching students about software should be on the concepts involved, rather than simply teaching them how to use a particular product. This approach, however, would require the schools to provide multiple examples of software packages and this could be expensive. ... ... Beside the cost savings and flexibility gained from the use of OSS, schools will find themselves in a position to show leadership in addressing some problems relating to social and ethical issues. The corporate involvement problem buttociated with exposing students to, and training them on, a particular company‚s software product is immediately diminished. Student exposure to proprietary software is reduced as OSS alternatives that do not have a corporate connection gain a higher profile. This is done without eroding student skills in working with software. Indeed, working with OSS helps ensure that students are exposed to multiple software systems. This experience combined with that from using proprietary software that is available would lead to increases in ICT literacy. ...

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Poor fatboy Culley

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Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing 2654