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Microsoft Hunts For Zombie Spammers

Thomas Wootten

Bryant University standardizes on Linux
Bryant University in Rhode Island was ranked the the "second most connected campus in America" by the Princeton...

Normally no. But everyone has their limits.

Building IT Infrastructure in UK Schools
BECTA (British Education Communication Technology Agency), is the UK agency in charge of defining IT policy for...

Grew up in New York. Went to school at Syracuse University. Served in the military for several years. Left the military and moved to the Boston area. Worked while going to grad school at Boston University nights-weekends. Got lucky (very lucky) and happened to be working for an internet company in 1995 when Msft decided to get into web based products. Company was bought by Msft and I worked in Redmond for 2 years. Left in 1998 once all my stock options completely vested and my msft shares conveniently quadrupled during this time. Moved back to Boston in 98, took some time off then went back to work. Company was bought out by Msft again. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Currently living comfortably in Concord, MA. with a great wife and three kids. Somewhere during all this I had 8 or so articles published in various computing magazines and co-authored one book (that few people bought) with 3 other guys. (Don't bother googling for it unless you change 2 of the letters in my last name.) My private life is a bit more complicated so lets not go there.

I recall that you are a college student. Probably don't have much to say yet as you are still young. But if there's anything interesting then do mention it.

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Building IT Infrastructure in UK Schools

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