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MythTV Invades Cable, TiVo 2707

MythTV Invades Cable, TiVo 2708
Maybe a little more research would stand you in good stead in this instance. You don't buy mpeg decoders on...

Haupauge makes a nice line of capture cards with rock solid Linux support. Their low end cards can be purchased for under $100. I spent a bit more ($150) and got one with a remote control included. These cards include mpeg encoding hardware to keep most of the load off of the computer's CPU.

I've found you can get by with 700 mghz CPU and relatively little RAM as long as you are using the box only as a PVR. More disk is always better but costs you regardless of what platform you put them in.

True, though as mentioned above you can skimp a bit on the CPU, go with a cooler, slower running one and leave the extra fan off. A decent media PC case that blends into your entertainment center can be a bit costly (around $120 for the one I like). My solution was to just just say to hell with esthetics and use a standard PC case. I'm running an AMD processor with a single low noise case fan. It is barely noticeable... not at all when the TV is on.

MythTV Invades Cable, TiVo 2710
That is not a common card, it is a high end card. Try: or for common cards. Note that neither includes a hardware decoder. Sure, but the pvr150 is only...

I can't speak with authority about dual tuners, but I've no complaints about performance on my media system. I can be capturing from the tuner cards while simultaneously playing video over the network to two other computers as well as downloading files from the Internet; I've never experienced a hiccup in recording or playing back. This is a system build from spare parts... not rock bottom but not top of the line either. Most of the money when into the nearly 1 terabyte of disk storage. Yes, we paid more than a TiVo, but this system is much more flexible, has no monthly service fee, and is much more integrated into our house network.



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MythTV Invades Cable, TiVo 2708

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