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Do you also get paid well?

IBM sure didn't feel that way 15 years ago.

Well, that's not ever going to happen...

.. and neither is that.

Too bad their OS can only win little battles for tiny villages of 3,000 in European countries.


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OLDDINO It's not nonsense. Of course I can't stop cola bozos from posting lies about MS and Windows, but I can counter some of them. About 75% of the...

Well, and on servers, and on smart phones, and on media centers, and on laptops, and on Tablet computers, and so on.

nitch = niche, dinosaur.

My Windows desktop is chock full of the best desktop software money can buy. Linux apps can't touch it.

Keep hope alive!

But see, 500,000,000 people do give a crap. You *nix guys are dying off, so unless you have a little *nix bozo to take up your whining, I'm afraid you're going to lose.

No, they don't. PC Magazine has a 20th Windows anniversary issue, and none of the 'real professional types' (as opposed to you) they interviewed - including people from competing firms past and present - have anything bad to say about Windows.

Just about the only people in the world who dislike Windows are a handful of disgruntled weirdos who cohabitate on cola.

You better tell RedHat and Novell and MS and IDC and Gartner that, 'cause they were under the impression that Windows has around 55% of the server market.

As long as you keep it out of the hands of MS-hating nuts.

Linux: we hope Windows: we know

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