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What possible reason could you have for wanting my name, my email address and my employer?

You want a new penpal or something? Here you go:

You guess and you buttume. Is that how you got through high school?

What are you blabbing about now?

I'm still 210. And still not overweight.

You think *anything* positive you buttume about Linux is true, and anything negative you buttume about Windows is true.

I think I buttume you're wrong.

Almost definitely, because there's about 100% chance they were exposed to Windows at school or work.

There's no need to know anything else, now is there?

John Bailo Well, if you are going to compare software, you usually compare the latest from both companies... otherwise, the comparison is really pointless. For example, if comparing the latest OO...

Just about everyone knows about Macs. And anyone who casually browses the computer mags at the bookstore sees Linux (there are usually 5 or 8 Linux mags on the shelf).

And since you're so into piracy lately, it behooves you to know that worldwide, 4 in 10 Linux systems are converted to pirated Windows.

So apparently there's a whole bunch of Windows users who also know Linux (well, that they don't want it).

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