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Need advice Linux vendors 68 plus 16

Thanks for the recommendation. I was suprised how many companies are selling linux systems nationally and internationally. Trouble is so many of these companies have their heads up their buttes. You get the impression they are run by pimple faced teenage computer geeks who could care less about customer satisfaction and never learned how to run a business. As much as I hate MS, I have to say at least they try to appeal to the customer.

He goes by the name of Alvin, like the chipmunk.

Alvin Oga wrote (in reply to my inquiry):

hi ya

we do not sell laptops .. but for the right $$$ and quanbreasty .. we can we do NOT sell desktop .. but for the right $$$ and quanbreasty .. we can

we do NOT offer onsite warranty ... but for the right $$$ and quanity, we can

if you want reliability and stability ... that is us

Going Linux Certified
We just got in a Linux Certified machine. This beast runs smooth and fast, details...

if you want "warranty" .. that is mutually exclusive to the above to requirements as you're expecting things to break

we do NOT offer warranty, as we know our stuff works

- the warranty is covered by intel for the cpy, or the memory vendor or by the disk manufacturers

- we do not ship-quote to anonymous emails

- we do ship preloaded and tested systems internationally

c ya alvin


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Going Linux Certified

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