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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! **OOPS** 17051

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17053
On Tue, 05 Jul 2005 22:00:12 -0600, Oxford Did you? Did you? Does it matter? And it would be difficult for anyone else to have an Pod first, since it's built only by Apple...


On Sun, 10 Jul 2005 22:46:07 GMT,

this sounds good, caveat below.

I like the touchpad, which I use on my Dell laptop with my thumbs, without moving my hands off the keyboard. But to get the best benefit from this, the keyboard should be split and canted as mentioned above, and the touch pad between the halves, at the bottom. This would work well for me, ymmv. Mind you, the touch pad has to allow tap to click, or it's to be considered broken :)

Currently, I rarely take my laptop with me anywhere, I usually just take a LiveCD, USB key, and the Zaurus. At home, I mostly use a happy hacking keyboard, (full pitch keys, in a small footprint) which I like a lot.

One of these days I may buy an ultra portable laptop. I'd like to see one with a smaler form factor than the 12" iBook, using solid state storage instead of a hd, and in a tablet-laptop configuration. Oh, and give it wireless connection, with good battery life.

In case anyone is listening :)

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! **OOPS** 17052
Gnome is crap. Sorry - but, I just spent about month with it, and dumped it for...

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! **OOPS** 17052

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! **OOPS** 17050