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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17071

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17072
buttuming they are all legal copies... Likely incorrect. If there are a million pirated copies of, say, PhotoShop, do you think all...


On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 19:01:55 -0700, Snit

If I'm a commercial software vendor, publishing a program which retails for $100, and there are a million copies of it in use, I have grossed 100 million dollars in sales.

Unless, however, the app has been pirated. If even a tenth of the installed seats are pirated, my revenues have dropped by *ten million dollars*, despite the fact that there are *exactly as many* actual copies in use.

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17074
Um, OK. Just do not pretend that everyone who pirates software would buy it if they could not pirate it. Please remember I am not condoning piracy. Do not pretend that every pirated...

Explain to me how my being out ten million bucks in sales just because some petty little twonk decides to pirate my software is somehow legally, morally or ethically different from my being out ten million bucks because someone stole a shipment of cars from me.

At most you can say that my cost to replace are lower and that I still have the original, etc, etc, etc. True as that may be, I'm *still* out ten mil, based on the actual seats in use.

I'm actually not against some limited forms of piracy. For example, suppose there's a rather expensive application you think you might need, but you don't know for sure if it'll do what you want to do. If you can get it from a place that will let you return it, there's no real excuse; if you can't, however, pirating it for purposes of evaluation may be your only realistic option. That said, if it *does* in fact do what you need, buy it; if not, delete it.

That's actually how I wound up using Borland's products; I pirated their development tools, discovered they were, in fact, superior to the ones I was using, and I went out and bought the package. Not sure if I did the same with Watcom, though I did end up buying it, too, so it's possible.

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17072

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17070