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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17080

It is true as long as you allow for, as you have admitted, conditions. It is not true of all distros of Linux, but it is of many - even most.

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17082
Sure. Why do you suggest anyone has said otherwise? In what way? I strongly believe Debian is a distro on Linux. If you want to claim otherwise you...

Please point to where I said anything contrary to these two claims:

* it can be done with Linux (as long as conditions are met) * it can not be done with OS X

I find it unlikely that you will... but I will welcome you trying to support your claim.

Who suggested *anyone* should pay more to get less?

I use OS X because it meets my needs better than any OS I have used - and that includes the distros of Linux I have worked with.

You, likely, use Linux because you feel much the same way about it.

No argument here. I simply have no desire to try to talk you out of your choice of OS, or even to try to convince you it is a bad one. You?

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17081
snips On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 23:07:58 -0700, Snit Hey, moron, what do you think the non-commercial distros are *for*? Hell, Debian goes out of its way to reject...

-- "If a million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing." - Anatole France

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17081

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17079