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Since the pbuttage of the ADA by the Democratic Congress bad in the early 90s, and the subsequent signature of approval by then president George H. W. Bush, all sorts of silly crap has been "accomplished" to "help the disabled". Including things such as:

A 410-pound applicant for the job of subway train conductor was too fat to fit in the conductors booth. He sued the New York City Transit Authority, claiming that it could have accommodated him by altering the design of its trains. Lose weight? No way.

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17109
begin KillFileMe.vbs I took that to be understood. But I suppose I shouldn't have buttumed such a thing. Anyway, that was *why* I mentioned it was a Democratic Congress. Otherwise some might buttume it all...

A Florida judge facing dismissal for shoplifting claimed ADA protection because he was depressed over his daughters failure to gain admission to law school and his sons poor grades.

A New York hospital switched an HIV-positive pharmacist from preparing patients intravenous solutions into a different job, at the same pay, with less risk of communicating his infection. He sued under the ADA and received $330,000 in damages for emotional harm.

A dentist fired for fondling his patients claimed his loveual urges were a disability enbreastling him to ADA protection.

A man fired for bringing a gun to work claimed that he, too, was disabled his actions were caused by a nervous disorder.

A warehouse employee caught falsifying security records claimed that his impulses to engage in wrongdoing were a disability that protected him from firing.

Some of those have been successful, some haven't. There have been all sorts of cases settled out of court, including such things as people being fired for being drunk at work (I recall one of them dealt with a person who drove a train or a subway route), people suspended for inapproriate behavior claiming they were mentally disabled and unable to prevent themselves from performing their actions, homeless people having suits brought against libraries on their behlf when the libraries threw them out for living in the libraries and so on.

-- I use linux because I've used Windows.

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17108
On Thu, 07 Jul 2005 22:20:07 GMT, Sinister Midget Let's be "fair and balanced" here. George H. W. Bush was a Republican President. He was Saint Reagan's Veep. Did he win or was it...

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17108

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