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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17111

On Mon, 04 Jul 2005 21:47:45 -0600, Oxford

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17112
snips On Tue, 05 Jul 2005 23:00:09 -0600, Oxford Umm no. A diskless station typically runs its apps from an...

Umm... I think you have a somewhat wrong idea of how the compressed LiveCDs work. They generally do not write to the HD at all; in fact, that's a key point to them, that they don't touch the HD, don't even require an HD, you can run the entire system from the CD.

The decompression is "on the fly"; it's not like a .zip file. The whole file system is compressed. When you run a program, the system decompresses the application, then loads and runs it normally.

There's no need for the uncompresed files to "go" anywhere. As far as anything other than the decompression layer is concerned, the files aren't compressed; as far as the decompression layer is concerned, if you ask for a block of data, that's what you get - it just reads the appropriate compressed block, decompresses it and hands you the result, just like would happen by a non-compressed file system reading a block and handing you the buffer, except that the block has one additional bit of processing done to it.

OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17113
Peter Ammon Can be done easily with the GUI tools in Mandriva. Both resolution and refresh rate are configurable, have been for years with the GUI. Guess it...

If you recall Stacker or drivespace, or similar tools, the idea is basically the same; it's not "decompress the zip, store it somewhere, and tell you to look over there", it's decompress on-the-fly and simply hand you back the data, directly.

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OS X is PROOF linux that sucks! 17112

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