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Open Office not as good as Windows says Sun

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I actually have quite a bit of experience with this. The OS supplies the support for this but the app also needs to do it's part. The app and the OS need to work together.

We had a large government sale and they insisted that our app have support for disabled users. As it's been pointed out before... it is the law.

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Here is one example of how an app needs to work with the OS. The OS can have voice recognition to move the focus around to all the controls. (The equivalent of the 'Tab' key.)

The OS takes care of translating 'voice commands' into 'Tab' key-strokes. But the app needs to make sure that all controls, buttons, toolbars and dialogs can be fully navigated through just the 'Tab' key.

It's possible that some controls don't have a tab-order buttociated with them. It's also possible for the tab-order to get stuck in a place where you can't back out. The roach motel syndrome... tabbing gets you in to a dialog or sub-dialog but once you get there you can't get back out.

A good test is to try running some app without a mouse. Something that somebody with no arms or who is parralized would have to do. No mouse but you can use the keyboard for commands only. See if you can get into all the dialogs and to all the controls. Chance are you won't be able to.

So it is not 100% the responsibility of the OS and it is not 100% the responsibility of the app. The two need to work together in order to properly support accessability.

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MS ease of use

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Open Office not as good as Windows says Sun