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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3149

Consistency in where widgets are located, how dialogs work and look, etc. is far more important than most people realize, even for advanced users. The more consistency you have the more muscle memory is built and the less thought is needed to get things done; you end up being able to focus on the task more and the tool less.

I am not interested in the semantics of what we call ease-of-use. I am using the term in the common sense of allowing a user to use a tool with less of a learning curve. You are talking about having a tool be efficient once you have overcome a steep learning curve. Both are important, and OS X is good at both. When looking at its GUI, it is likely the best such OS out of XP, OS X, KDE, and GNOME.

Can you even buy Carbon Copy Cloner in the stores? Do they even have a packaged version? Not that I know of.

Mine is also downloadable and can be taught to a relative novice using an easy GUI tool to automate the backups.

You seem to be getting a bit hostile and looking to have me argue against Linux package managers. Being that I like the Linux package managers I have no desire to do so.

What I did say is that a GUI backup tool is easier to use than expecting users to write the script that you shared. Such scripting, of course, is also available to OS X users.

If you like your system then use it. I am certainly not trying to convert you or anything.

Funny how you repeatedly get defensive about OS Xs strengths even though you do not seem to be that familiar with it.

Your lack of knowledge about OS X is showing. What open source OS X are you in reference to? Darwin perhaps?

What it offers is not just valuable to Joe Sixpack. But with your hostility toward OS X it is unlikely you would like it even if you did use it. Again: I have no desire to convert you.

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro
Incorrect. I used the term "ease of use" as the industry does. You use it in a different way...

Ease of use is not about being able to get "things done anyways". Being that you likely would not be able to approach OS X with anything approaching an open mind it likely would not be something you would like. No big deal. Linux is an excellent OS and I have no problem with me and others using it.

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3150
snips On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 20:57:10 -0800, Snit That's nice. Maybe *you* have issues coping with print dialogs which aren't exact clones; I don't...

-- * The tilde in an OS X path does *not* mean "the hard drive only" * OS X is partially based on BSD (esp. FreeBSD) * Incest is so different from love as to not be considered synonymous by anyone other than perverts * One can be guilty of a crime but neither tried nor convicted * As of Feb 2006 Apple had no wireless Mighty Mouse

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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3150

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