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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3194

Snot snotted:

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3198
Snit Nope., Snot. I already told you that my (or anybody elses) experience with OSX has ZERO impact on this whole debate. Because it is not *me* who has to provide anything how OSX...

Well, the problem is that you make blanket statements. Like "OSX is easier to use" This is so obviously unadultered bullpoo that it could come only from a Mac-user

Wrong, Snot. It is *your* game. *You* claim this bullpoo stuff. You don't support your own claims

See. General statement. From *you* and *your* game. Already shot down on several occasions as being complete, total Mac-retard drivel

You have up to now not even provided *one* example how to do two extremely simple tasks "as easy" as in linux, much less "easier than in linux" You can stop lying now. People have read it often enough

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3196
Snot snotted: While my experience with OSX is just about 1 week of usage, this has...

No example was given which could have been ignored. The "hand-picked task" consists of a *single* line in a terminal window Could as well be put into a script. Pick whatever suits you

So you are telling us in effect that your "easier to use OSX" is unable to do even such an extremely simple task? Really, Snot? Is that your Position? How then yould we believe that OSX will be able to do much more difficult tasks if such extremely simple ones are impossible or nearly so?

The "hand picked task" was not shown be be doable at all in OSX. Come on, you lying cretin, supply the msg-ID where you are showing *how* to do it in OSX (the *exact* steps needed to do the task). You did a lot of handwaving, a lot of mumble-jumble and other Mac-related voodoo, but you never even provided as much as a general receipt, much less the exact steps to do the task at all. It naturally follows that the "more options on OSX" is just another figment of your imagination. You can't have any options at all on something you did not provide

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro
You mean it is not likely someone who has never used a Mac would talk about them. LOL! Well, you talk about Macs and you admit you have essentially...

It is. After all, it accomplishes with a single line what OSX can't even do at all. You have yet to provide the evidence that OSX is actually able to do the task. We have already resigned to ever see something "as easy" in linux, much less "easier". Yet your claim is that "OSX is easier to use"

Since when are you allowed to introduce new "tasks" when you have not yet delivered even a shred of support for the previous tasks, Snot? After all, you claim you did. You lied, naturally. So the onus is on you to follow suit and actually deliver

Tell you what, Snot: We will come to this (*and* introduce new tasks for OSX as well, you can be sure of that) when you have provided answers for the still dangling "old" questions

After all, we would love to see your support for... -- Twenty Percent of Zero is Better than Nothing. -- Walt Kelly

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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro

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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro