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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3214


On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 19:51:57 +0100, Sandman

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3215
snips On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:13:52 +0100, Sandman No, like backing up to a remote host, with automatic secure login, encrypted channel, compressed...

That's nice. Still haven't provided the link, have you? Nope.

A little dose of reality for you: you can call me anything you like. I've *shown* how to solve a particular problem. With ease. With, in fact, a single line of shell scripting. And you - the OSX fanbois collectively - haven't been able to match it, let alone show OSX to be easier. Further, we've shown how software Debt Management is easier in Linux than OSX.

Every time OSX goes up against Linux, at least by what you fanbois are offering, OSX loses - except possibly in a couple of "fluffy" areas such as having more consistent print dialogs.

Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3216
Sandman Your reading comprehension problems kick in again. He did not say that OSX can't handle shell scripts. He mentioned a specific task. An extremely simple one for linux. Very easy to use...

At the end of the day, despite whatever you wish to call me or whatever other hand-waving you choose to employ, the lot of you have failed, miserably, to show how OSX is easier, faster, more efficient, or more flexible than Linux and that's the bottom line.

Feel free to offer any sort of snide remarks or dodging you want, it makes no difference; OSX remains a second-rater. Not even; Macs have been going up against Windows for a hell of a long time, yet have always been a bit player - which suggests that the "ease of use" Macs offer simply isn't compelling enough even for relatively non-technical Windows users to switch... and as you keep showing us, that OSX "ease of use" keeps losing out to even the supposedly wildly difficult Linux.

Well done and congratulations on showing us all the benefits of OSX. Harder to use than Linux. More expensive. Less portable. More restrictive. Lacks source. Yeah, good, sign me up.

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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3215

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Oxford says Apple's OS X is a Linux distro 3213