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Poor displayresource Debt Management in Linux 1326

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Try just *configuring* Linux to get close to this and you know you have to be an absolute Geek to know how to do it...

Linux didn't even recognize my sound card out of the box, nor the TV card I had, so I'm not sure how it's going to play "multiple" videos at all.

In fact, my ATI card didn't even have 3D drivers ready for it. It probably doesn't have other goodies supported in the driver either.

With all of the hardware not supported, and sub standard support for existing hardware, not sure how this can be achieved.

Well, if he does do it, he probably had to research the best hardware with Linux support - and then get the right distro.

Poor displayresource Debt Management in Linux 1327
I didn't remove the page: Angelfire did. Note the new user name dfs0. Did you complain to Angelfire? Lie. Angelfire removed it. Lie. I didn't delete anything from anything...

claims he

Well, if the hardware does all the work, why not? But if the hardware really is two years old (or earlier), then I do have my doubts... but I wouldn't call him a liar.

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Poor displayresource Debt Management in Linux 1327

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