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Poor fatboy Culley

basic unix knowledge
In another Linux group, a newbie asked if it was possible to make it so that users could not see the home directories of other...

What has M$ gotten right? I see they've tricked a lot of people into parting with their cash. I see they've lied and cheated and stolen and threatened their way into killing off compebreastors. I see they've stolen ideas and concepts. I see they've bought ideas from others. I see they've tried to pbutt the buck by blaming everybody but themselves for the things that are wrong with their products, and if they ever do make an attempt to fix something, it's nearly always after a lot of pressure or embarrbuttment brought things to the point that they could no longer get away with claiming innocence. I've seen them pretend they already had working ideas and concepts of things that never made it into the open (usually a performance done totally for the purpose of undermining the advancement of someone else).

But none of that proves they ever got anything right.

2005 Members Choice Award Winners Announced
PRWEB) March 7, 2006 -- The polls are closed and the results are in for the 2005 Members Choice Awards Firefox, MySQL and The Members Choice Awards allow members...

Maybe you mean ME. That's probably the one that was closest to what they planned from the beginning. VASTED (long 'a') is probably the next successful effort in the same vein.

You'll have trouble seeing it due to the smog emanating from the mouths of Blammer and Gute$. They'd rather you don't see it. Just the smoke and mirrors they put out is all you'll need to see. Then go spend some money on it. If the pollution is sufficient, You might even spend more than usual before finding out it was all slight of hand.

-- Joex: Innovative Microsoft peer-to-peer software.

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2005 Members Choice Award Winners Announced

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