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Should Suse Users abandon KDE ! 1654


Well it seems up until recently Suse has preferred KDE over Gnome, which is understandable. KDE although for me is more buggy, and slower overall then Gnome has a richer and easier to use interface not only for customization, but for overall use in general. While I prefer Gnome there are just too many things missing that would make it easier and more friendly to use. Gnome is overall more stable however. As an example under Suse 9.2 Pro, I can run Java apps with no problems at all under Gnome; however under KDE I run into several random crashes. I'm all for keeping Linux Windoze free (seems KDE is more like Windoze then anything) but I would much rather have ease of use and more often then not. When I need Java apps running I switch to Gnome, this is also the case when I need more control, or just feel like working more on the command line. However currently in my opinion KDE offers a more 'quick click' interface for when I need to get things done faster, or just want more freedom with customizing my desktop.

Should Suse Users abandon KDE ! 1655
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Perhaps it comes down to less experience with Gnome as the problem, but until it offers something more I'm afraid KDE is going to be my main choice.


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Should Suse Users abandon KDE ! 1655

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Should Suse Users abandon KDE ! 1653