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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13176

DFS wrote something like:

Obviously not.

It's a feature. Why should nix protect the poor windows boxes. Let them die.

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13180
On Tuesday 25 October 2005 10:31, amosf stood up and spoke the following words to the mbuttes incomp.os.linux.advocacy...: Which again I feel I...

That's an opinion. I have both PS and gimp. I prefer gimp. PS is okay. Likewise with MSO and OOo. I have both and can run either on linux. I still prefer OOo. I prefer a couple of apps over OOo for some jobs.

Bored and lonely.

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13177
Thomas Wootten Win98-ME wasn't that great, but worked fine for me for years. WinServer2003 is a pretty nice system, I must say. Of course you're right about Linux being a potential compebreastor. A stable...

Yawn. Virtual desktops are better in Mandr*. Windows is just an OS. You can't do anything with windows without third party software and additional MS software, etc.

A lucky break after the IBM PC became a hit.

Oh, so you don't need that wonderful MSO you keep raving about. Good to know :)

So, how many people actually use and get anything done with a PC that has ONLY MS windows and nothing else. Hmm.

Everything is free with linux. And included, privates. With MS you are adding third party... Sheesh.

They fluked a monopoly and fought to keep it. Still do.

The statistics say that most windows users around the world are thieves. That's the MS claim.

MS says that a very large number of people in the US also steal it. And it's not just the 3rd world that seems to steal it. Seems like a lot of people thinks it's expensive... A majority in most countries...

So? That makes it right?

You represent a type.

That would make you a liar.

You might be at home in the future then.

Apparently most people in the world like and get free software regardless of the brand. With linux it's legal.

Oh come on. Anything is likely here. We get all sorts of crap laws. I can't even legally rip a CD I bought to an mp3 and play it in my mp3 player in the car...

You paid for some media and handling that had a free OS on it.

2000 wasn't desktop, tho it may have been in responce to server compebreastion.

MS created linux. MS stifled any comercial compebreastion on the desktop. Only FLOSS had any hope to survive. You know damn well that a comercial OS has no hope of getting a foothold in the situation that existed, regardless of how good it was. OS-2 was better. Heck, even NT was better, but people used 9x as it was cheaper and easier to steal, etc...

History shows that even a free OS has to struggle in the monopoly created here...

-- - I use linux. Can anyone give me a good reason to use Windows? -

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13177

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13175