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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13183

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13186
Thomas Wootten How about that? Another Bush-hating Linux user. Who could have guessed? Geeks in the street, eh? And a modification of your cheapskate behavior. The world doesn't agree...


You do.

If the GPL was somehow retroactively changed and you couldn't view or modify the source code on your system ("It's no longer Free? OK. No problem."), you wouldn't care less. But if a price tag was suddenly attached, you'd pitch a fit ("What do you mean it's no longer free?!?!?! What am I - made of money?!!").

It's the most important factor, as revealed by yourselves. I believe if OSS programs cost more than closed-source commercial code, you'd all start using commercial code.

So you don't get stuck with Linux and OSS-quality software

You know, you guys slay me. You seem to think there is an OSS alternative for every commercial Windows software package out there, so if you just hunt around you can find something for free and call it 'equivalent'. It's not. It only takes a day working in the business world to find out how wrong you are. There are so many expensive, powerful, closed-source commercial software packages out there, for database work, decision modeling, financial analysis, document mgmt, sales force automation, contact mgmt, scheduling, etc etc it will make your head spin.

Those tools aren't even available to the Linux-OSS world. You suffer a dearth of apps - in some categories - and pretend you don't need them, and act as if people are evil for selling them without giving their source code away.

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13184
DFS How do you know? Did you ask everyone? I love the way you make these...

Some of you - I'm thinking Richard Stallman and those who adhere to his philosophies - are mentally ill.

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13185
DFS only way that can happen would be by the intervention of your favourite dubyastandards government oh yes we would. the development...

It's less important than having good software.

Held hostage to what? By who? They're always free to write their own programs.

Meaning you're an unabashed freeloader.

To me, not very.

It's nice that some of these programs are released under licenses like the GPL, and include the source code, but I'm more than willing to pay for better quality closed-source software. Along those lines, I don't really care if KDE is Free and-or open-source, just that they're providing some compebreastion to Microsoft and other vendors.

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13184

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13182