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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13185


only way that can happen would be by the intervention of your favourite dubyastandards government

oh yes we would. the development teams would, for a start, and, see above point, there'd be protests outside the Capitol.

Maybe some of us would - not least because in practice that would involve a substantial modification or legal override of the GPL.

I like "OSS-quality software". Linux is certainly higher quality than Windows. Something that after one or two (if that) slightly negative experiences with Linux, you will not understand.

But it can be made to be. By anyone.

Yeah blah blah blah and how many of those are merely pieces of custom software where 90% of the work was duplicating that of a major Free Software project.

Proprietary software isn't exactly evil, but neither is it good.

I think that would be worth forwarding to rms himself...then again I guess he's learned to ignore trolls like yourself.

Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13186
Thomas Wootten How about that? Another Bush-hating Linux user. Who could have guessed? Geeks in the...

Is it? Is having good software that you cannot improve better than having inferior but improveable software? Would you buy a house, no matter how amazing it was, if you had to sign a contract promising never to change the decor?

so "pay for better quality closed-source software" if you believe it to be so. And stay off cola.

DFS from what I've seen you're the biggest troll here. You make the SAME points EVERY time, you get the same responses, which you ignore. Maybe when the likes of me decide to stop poking food through the bars of your cage you'll finally curl up in a sobbing lonely ball and die. -- Tom Wootten, Trinity Hall.

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13186

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13184