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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13186

Thomas Wootten

How about that? Another Bush-hating Linux user. Who could have guessed?

Geeks in the street, eh?

And a modification of your cheapskate behavior.

The world doesn't agree with you. In every other situation I can think of, high-quality products given away for free generate high-demand. Not so with Linux and open source.

Linux is just sort of irritating - well, not Linux per se, but lots of the apps (and definitely the users). There's almost always a lack of attention to detail that detracts from the experience - and I believe that's due to a lack of 3rd party testing.

I'm settling on ubuntu
After trying quite a few linux distributions, I'm settling on ubuntu, and I'm posting about...

Simple example: AisleRiot Solitaire card game included with Ubuntu. It lets you build stacks of cards below the edge of the screen, which you then can't move to the foundation.

Another example: Rex Ballard.

Sure it *can* be made to be. But it hasn't yet.

I'm not talking about custom, in-house code. I'm talking about shrink-wrapped programs from Hummingbird and Hyperion and ACT! and other companies who make Window-only products.

It's the best software, by a long shot.

Forward away.

Depends on who's producing the good vs improveable software. MS makes better software than OSS alternatives. So do lots of companies. I'd rather rely on them than the lone OSS developer (ie, the guy building Gambas).

Again, that depends. Pretty bad analogy, though, as software doesn't cost $300,000.

I predict you can't help yourself....

I'm settling on ubuntu 13189
I would have chosen Debian proper (recently moved from Sarge to Etch), since it has been around for practically forever. And has no business model to...

....well, that didn't take long.

And no, I won't stay off cola.

Of course I get the same responses over and over - I'm in a newsgroup full of rabid Linux fanatics who hate MS.

You'll die before me if you have to read an 'all pro-Linux posts' cola.

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I'm settling on ubuntu

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Some comments on the latest Linux Format magazine 13185