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Speaking of Windoze Desktop Dominance in the Past Tense

When the corporate media, especially the business section, starts to make statements like this:

"*When Microsoft ruled the desktop-software universe*, delays didn't matter. Microsoft marketers could announce a product years in advance and keep pushing off the release date -- creating what some critics called "vaporware" -- and partners would fall into line, pledging their support while the software took years to coalesce out of Redmond's fog."

We know that people are finally starting to clue in.

Speaking of Windoze Desktop Dominance in the Past Tense 2675
NoStop MS clearly still does rule the desktop-software universe. operating system: 90% to 95% of the worlds PCs office software...

An interesting tidbit in the article was how Bill Gates, the "guru of our technological age" discovered the Internet. Unfortunately, Microsoft's contribution to the Net has been one of the carrier of all the spam and malware that circulates around it today.

Although the article doesn't mention GNU-Linux, those of us that use this superior operating system have been experiencing for years now a software distribution model that this article says MickeyMouse will try to embark on.

Sorry Microsoft, too late. We've moved on a while ago. Just couldn't wait for your "innovation" any longer.

-- From a Wintard helping another Wintard with his Windoze Problem: "You might also want to try one of the numerous EXCELLENT registry cleaners, and perhaps a ram washer." View Some Common Linux Desktops ...

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Speaking of Windoze Desktop Dominance in the Past Tense 2675

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