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begin TravelinMan Nope, Oh Really Dimwitted One, the admin will sit in front of a nice...

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:13:49 -0500,

Monitoring != administrating.

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TravelinMan poked his little head through the XP firewall and said: Actually, the command-line is faster...

I use Nagios to monitor my machines, it's a web delivered system boxes, and (sad to say) one MS-Windows machine (which I have turned off the notify on, since it routinely goes down for a few minutes, each day. All I monitor on it is http-s and smtp-pop3-imap. But that is another issue)

Nagios rules, if you need to monitor networked machines. You can do pretty much anything. Be notified if diskspace runs low, or if a machine starts to use more CPU than normal. Or if a webserver stops serving, or slows down. Schedule downtime (via the web interface) to let authorized users know that a given machine is going to be moved, or have new hardware, or something.

If a webserver goes down, I get an email, and an sms message.

Nagios rocks....

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