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SuSE 9.3: next issue

So I bought a new keyboard and figured I'd install it on the -- for now -- SuSE 9.3 pc.

SuSE 9.3: next issue... 13410
William Poaster on Sunday 30 October 2005 14:04 ...Well, interesting timing as I installed SuSE 9.3...

After coming home I discover that the keyboard is QWERTY, but not US QWERTY rather than the slightly different (and immensly more useful, for Europeans) Dutch QWERTY, with deadkeys, more logically laid out accents and symbols and keys buttigned to RGTALT+KEY (including the EURO-symbol).

So I boot up the computer, firstly into Windows 2000, select keyboard layout and Dutch and everything works as expected (in truth: Ihadn't expected this from Windows, but there you go).

Reboot to SuSE 9.3, fire up YaST (KDE Control Center hangs the computer, remember?) and select keyborar, Dutch layout, save.

Does it work? Does it bugger all! SuSE's idea of a Dutch keyboard layout is a renamed US layout, which renders my new keyboard next to useless. So, to be certain, I put in a live CD of Ubuntu 4.1 (averyold version indeed) and fire it up. Sure thing, as expected, even a prehistoric version of Ubuntu can come up with a proper Dutch layout.

Why do people even pay money to these morons at SuSE anymore?

-- Karel "de Jazz" Jansens

"Those of us who fail history, are doomed to repeat it in summer school." (Buffy Summers)

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SuSE 9.3: next issue... 13410

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