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SuSE 9.3 annoyance and goodbye to SuSE

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SuSE has been going downhill. I run 9.1 at home, and have been quite happy with it.

I run 9.2 at work, and it has a bunch of annoyances. Here are some examples.

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1. X configuration appeared to work fine during setup, but the configuration it wrote was wrong. The GUI tools for X configuration often fail. Running X with the option to probe and generate a new configuration file failed because of a module conflict.

Basically, getting X working required manually deleting a module, and then probing generated a mostly good configuration that I could manually tweak to be right.

2. Although SuSE 9.2 includes Firefox, it is just an afterthought. KDE doesn't notice when Firefox has launched, so the launch feedback keeps going until it times out. Making any changes to the settings (like disabling launch notification) makes KDE lose the Firefox icon. Firefox windows often come up behind other windows. Installing Flash via SuSE's package doesn't install it for Firefox.

3. Window ordering rules change for no apparent reason. Up until a few days ago, if I hit ALT-F2 to bring up the dialog to type a command to run, that would come up on top with focus. Now it has started coming up on top, but without the focus. So, if I hit "ALT-F2 x t e r m", I end up typing "xterm" in whatever window I had been working in. The thing is, I've not changed any configuration in the last few days, or installed any updates. All I've been doing is browsing, email, and ssh'ing to other machines.

If this were a Windows machine, I'd be looking around to see if I had somehow acquired some malware.

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4. There's some sort of horrible disk performance problem. I've seen this on several machines now, with a variety of different hardware. Things I routinely do with large files drive the load average way up, and the machine becomes very slow. I can do the exact same things on a friend's Gentoo system, and I don't see these problems. Same on FreeBSD systems, and on my Macs. So, its a SuSE problem, not a Linux problem or a hardware problem.

9.1 was a good, solid, release. 9.2 is alpha quality at best. When I get a chance, I'll try 9.3 and 10.0 in VMWare, and then hopefully move to one of those from 9.2.

-- --Tim Smith

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